[] means the argument is optional. <> means the argument is required. Don't include them in the command.

dailyGives you 100 pancakes. Only usable once per day (obviously).p!daily
giveTransfers Pancakes to another user.p!give <amount> <member>
leaderboardShows a server-wide leaderboard for Pancakes. **Note:** Pancakes are a global currency.p!leaderboard
pancakesShows how many pancakes you have.p!pancakes [member]
slotsPlay a game of slots.p!slots
8ballReaches into the future to find the answer to your question.p!8ball [question]
akinatorPlay a game with the famous Akinator!p!akinator
bigtextMakes the specified text bigger.p!bigtext <text>
clapifyClapify something.p!clapify [text]
coinflipFlip a coin.p!coinflip
doorSend something out the door!p!door [text]
embedPut text that you specify inside an embed.p!embed <text>
fmlGets a random quote from fmylife.comp!fml
roastSends a random roast to someone.p!roast <member>
sayMake the bot say whatever you want.p!say <text>
shipShip two people together.p!ship <member1> <member2>
xkcdShow a comic from Shows the most recent comic if no arguments specified.p!xkcd [num]
beautifulOh this- this is beautiful.p!beautiful [member]
birbShows a random birb.p!birb
byemomGenerates a byemom meme.p!byemom <text>
catShows a random cat from random.catp!cat
memeShows a meme.p!meme
disabledNot all disabilities look like this.p!disabled [member]
dogShows a random dog from random.dogp!dog
fPress F to pay respects.p!f [member]
factsThe book of facts!p!facts <text>
gmagikMagik, but in gif form.p!gmagik [image]
illegalMemes are now illegal.p!illegal [word]
sepiaRuns a sepia filter on an image.p!sepia [image]
saturateSaturates an image.p!saturate [image]
darkenDarkens an image.p!darken [image]
brightenBrightens an image.p!brighten [image]
invertInverts the pixels of an image.p!invert [image]
grayscaleConverts an image to grayscale.p!grayscale [image]
implodeImplodes an image.p!implode [image] [amount]
explodeExplodes an image.p!explode [image] [amount]
magikMakes images look better.p!magik [image]
presentHey, I'm modern art!p!present [member]
kissGive someone a big kiss!p!kiss <member>
hugGive someone a nice warm hug!p!hug <member>
slapGive someone a slap!p!slap <member>
cryAww, why are you crying?p!cry [member]
smileSomeone looks happy...p!smile [member]
blushAww, why are you blushing?p!blush [member]
lewdSomeone is being lewd...p!lewd [member]
weebshPulls an image from Do `p!weebsh types` to view the types.p!weebsh <type> [member]
wizardTurns someone into a wizard.p!wizard [member]
clusterinfoShows the status of Pancake's clusters.p!clusterinfo
helpProvides you with the commands list. Do `p!help <command>` for extended command info.p!help [command]
inviteGives you the URL to invite Pancake.p!invite
nodeinfoNo translation found for `help.nodeinfo`p!nodeinfo
pingShows Pancake's latency to Discord's API.p!ping
redeemRedeem a Pancake Premium key.p!redeem <key>
serverinfoShows various information about the current guild.p!serverinfo
statsShows various Pancake statistics.p!stats
supportDMs you the invite to Pancake's support server.p!support
upvoteNo translation found for `help.upvote`p!upvote
userinfoShows various information about you or the specified user.p!userinfo [member]
premiumGives you information on Pancake Premium. Do `p!premium @user` to view a user's premium info.p!premium [user]
banBans the specified user from the server while clearing their past week of messages.p!ban <member> [duration] [reason]
infractionsNo translation found for `help.infractions`p!infractions <member> [page]
kickKicks the specified user from the server.p!kick <member> [reason]
muteMutes the specified user with an optional duration.p!mute <member> [duration] [reason]
purgeRemoves the specified amount of messages. `-bots` as filter will remove from bots, `-humans` will remove from humans.p!purge <limit> [filter]
reasonSets a reason for a modlog case.p!reason <case> <reason>
softbanSoftbans the user from the server (ban & unban). Removes a week of messages.p!softban <member> [reason]
unbanUnbans the specified user ID from the server.p!unban <userID> <reason>
unmuteUnmutes the specified user if they are muted.p!unmute <member> [duration] [reason]
vckickKicks the specified user from the voice channel.p!vckick <member> [reason]
warnNo translation found for `help.warn`p!warn <member> [reason]
autoplayAutoplays music from YouTube. **Donators only**p!autoplay [song]
joinMakes Pancake join your voice channel.p!join [region]
nowplayingShows the currently playing song.p!nowplaying
pausePauses the music playback.p!pause
playPlays a song.p!play <query>
queueShows the current song queue.p!queue
removeRemoves a song from the queue. Accepts song name or queue position.p!remove <song>
repeatChanges the repeat mode of the music player.p!repeat [type]
resumeResumes music playback.p!resume
searchSearches YouTube then gives a list of songs to choose from.p!search <query>
shuffleShuffles the music queue.p!shuffle
skipStarts a vote-skip for the current song. Instantly skips if the user queued the song.p!skip
stopStops the music, clears the queue, and disconnects.p!stop
volumeChanges the volume of the music. **Donators only**p!volume [level]
boobsShows random boobsp!boobs
buttsShows random buttsp!butts
gtnShows random GTN comicsp!gtn
nekoShows random lewd nekosp!neko
rule34Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of itp!rule34 <tags>
autoroleAssigns roles to members automatically.p!autorole autorole <list|add|remove> [type] [role]
getroleGives the user the requested role if setup with the `get` condition.p!getrole <role>
roleMass assigns roles to members.p!role
channeltoggleToggles usage of commands in the current channel. Note that users with `Kick Members` can still use commands.p!channeltoggle
localeChanges the locale for the whole server.p!locale [locale]
permsAssigns permissions.p!perms
prefixChanges Pancake's command prefix.p!prefix [prefix]
setChanges settings such as the greeting.p!set [setting] [subsetting] [value]
userlocaleSets the user locale.p!userlocale [locale]
botlistShows a list of bots from Carbonitex, sorted by server count.p!botlist [page]
calcCalculates things.p!calc <expr>
chooseChooses between a list of items (seperated by `;`)p!choose <items>
convertConverts between currencies.p!convert <amount> <currency1> <currency2>
debugNo translation found for `help.debug`p!debug [type]
suggestMakes a suggestion for Pancake. **Only usable in Pancake Palace**p!suggest <suggestion>
translateTranslates between languages.p!translate <to> <text>
urbanShows definitions from Urban Dictionary.p!urban <term>